Heinz Gärtner

Univ.-Prof. Dr., Affiliated Researcher

working at the oiip since 1979 homepage.univie.ac.at/heinz.gaertner


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinz Gärtner is Affiliated Researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip) and Lecturer at the department of political science at the University of Vienna, at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, and at Danube University. He was academic director of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs until 2016. He held a Fulbright Fellowship as well as the Visiting Austrian Chair at the “Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies” at Stanford University where he had further visiting fellowships. He was also visiting professor at the King’s College, London; Johns Hopkins Institute for East-West Security Studies, New York; University of Erlangen, Germany; St. Hugh's College, Oxford; University of British Columbia; World Policy Institute, New York; University of New Haven. He lectures often at other American, European, and Asian universities and research institutes. Heinz Gärtner is “senior external expert of the RAND-Corporation Europe”. He chairs the advisory board “Strategy and Security” of the Science Commission of the Austrian Armed Forces and is member of the Advisory Board of the “International Institute for Peace” in Vienna and the Journal “Security and Peace”. His research areas are among others European, international security, arms control, and International Relations Theory. Heinz Gärtner received the Bruno Kreisky (legendary former Austrian Chancellor) Award for most outstanding Political Books.

Academic Education

  • Appointment as a University Professor, 2001
  • Habilitation (Univ.-Doz.) for Political Science at the University of Innsbruck, 1990
  • Studies of Political Science and Communication Theory at the University of Salzburg 1971 – 1977, Doctorate with Honors


Professional Positions

  • Academic director, Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip), Vienna, Austria, since 2013
  • Senior Scientist, Department for International Affairs, University of Vienna, Austria, since 2011
  • Guest Professorship, Department for International Affairs, University of Vienna, Austria, 1998 – 2001
  • Research fellow, Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip), Laxenburg, Austria, since 1979    
  • Lectureships at the Universities of Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg, since 1983   
  • Editor of the book series "Internationale Sicherheit” ("International Security”) published by Peter Lang Verlag, since 2003


International Research Activities and Teaching

  • Visiting Researcher at the Center for Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford University, 2016
  • Visiting Fellowship at the King’s College, Department of War Studies, within the School of Social Science & Public Policy, 2014
  • Visiting scholar at the Conflict Management Program at Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC, 2013    
  • Professorship, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University, USA 2012
  • Fulbright Professorship, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford University, USA 2008    
  • Participant of the International Visitors Program (including participation in programs in Yale and Hartford), University of New Haven, USA 2005
  • Visiting Austrian Professor (Austrian chairmanship), Stanford University, USA, 2001 – 2002
  • Fulbright Professorship (research project: “European Security and the Transatlantic Link”), World Policy Institute, New York, USA, 2001
  • 1999 Participant of the International Visitors Program „Special IV Project Honoring 50th Anniversary of NATO,“ Washington, D.C. New York, Boston, USA
  • Deputy Professor, Universität Erlangen, Germany, 1994 – 1995
  • Visiting Fellow, Institute of International Relations, Vancouver, Canada, USA, 1993
  • Visiting Fellow, St. Hugh's College, Oxford, UK, 1992
  • Resident Fellow, Institute for East-West Security Studies, New York, USA, 1987 – 1989
  • Regular lectures at the universities of Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia and Oxford as well as many other American, European and Asian universities and research institutions
  • Teaching at the Landesverteidigungsakademie (Academy for Defense) in Vienna, Austria



  • Jean Monnet Module Visiting Professor, Institute for Transborder Studies, Kwantlen University College, British Columbia, Canada, 2006
  • NATO-Manfred Wörner Fellowship (together with the Austrian Institute for International Affairs), 1998
  • „Bruno Kreisky Anerkennungspreis für das Politische Buch“ (Bruno Kreisky price for appreciation for the book “Modelle europäischer Sicherheit” (“Models of European Security”), 1998


Activities as a Consultant and Media Activities

  • Senior external expert of the RAND-Corporation Europe for the European Parliament regarding the provision of services in the domains of EU foreign, security, and defence policy, 2016 -
  • Chair of the advisory board “strategy and security” of the scientific commission of the Austrian Army, 2012 -2017
  • Collaborative work on the Austrian social-democratic project “Österreich 2020” (“Austria 2020”), 2010
  • Member of the jury of the Austrian research agenda for security KIRAS, 2009
  • Expert evaluator of the 7th EU Framework Programme (priority area: socio-economic sciences and the humanities), 2007
  • Evaluator of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Assessment Panel, Brussels, Belgium, 2007
  • Scientific member of the Austrian delegation of the Wassenaar project, which is dedicated to the analysis of select control activities in the area of conventional arms during the Austrian Presidency, 2005
  • Member of the commission for inner and external security of the Austrian social-democratic party, 1997 – 2008
  • Referee, Agentur für Qualitätssicherung durch Akkreditierung von Studiengängen (AQAS) (Agency for quality management through the accreditation of courses of studies)
  • Counselor, Council of British American Security Information Council (BASIC), Transatlantic Strategies for a more Secure World
  • Senior Partner, Global Concepts & Communications (GCC)
  • Counselor, Österreichisches Ministerium für Landesverteidigung & Sport (Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense and Sports)
  • Ad-hoc consultations for various parties and associations
  • Regular author of op-eds in international and Austrian print media
  • Giving interviews to TV and radio stations e.g. BBC, CNN & ORF (Austrian broadcasting)


Leadership of major Projects funded by third Parties

  • "Die Verbreitung von nuklearem und radiologischem Material: Gefährdungspotential, Präventionsmöglichkeiten für Österreich" (“The Distribution of nuclear and radiologic material: potential risks, preventive measures for Austria”), subject area: social sciences, subdomain: political science, funded by the Anniversary Funds of the Österreichische Nationalbank (National Bank of Austria), 2010 – 2011
  • KIRAS: "Schutz kritischer Infrastruktur" (“Protection of critical infrastructure”), together with Otmar Höll, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (OIIP) and the Landesverteidigungsakademie (Austrian Defense Academy), 30 participants, 2007 – 2008
  • "Comprehensive Security", funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research. Austrian Institute for International Affairs (OIIP), 30 participants, 2000 – 2001    


Chosen Positions and Memberships

In Austria

  • Member of the Advisory Board of The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Doctoral Studies at the Institute for Political Science
  • Member, Fulbright Student Grant Commission
  • Member, Commission on the Austrian Chair in Stanford, until 2010
  • Member, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft (Austrian Association for Political Science)
  • Member of the academic advisory board, Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (ÖZP) und International (Austrian Journal for Political Science)
  • Chairman, Schlichtungsausschuss für die Heimbewohner/innen der WIST-Heime (committee of arbitration for the resident of WIST-dormitories) in Vienna, Austria


  • German speaking editor of the journal „European Review of international Studies (ERIS)”.
  • Member of the academic advisory board, Düsseldorfer Institut für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (DIAS) (Düsseldorfer Institute für Foreign Affairs and Security Policy)
  • International Partner, Fissile Materials Working Group
  • Chief Editor, “International Politics” (Journal)
  • Member, International Studies Association (ISA) – Mitglied
  • Member of the Peer Review Board - Marshall Center in Garmisch
  • Member of the advisory board, “Sicherheit und Frieden” (“Security and Peace”) (Journal)
  • Member, Steering Group of the Standing Group on International Relations des European Consortium for Political Research, 2006-2010
  • Reviewer of diverse Austrian and international journals e.g. Foreign Policy Analysis, International Politics, Contemporary Security Policy, Marshall Center Papers and Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (Austrian Journal for Political Science)

Zuletzt erschienene Bücher

  • Das Vermächtnis Obama, Heinz Gärtner/Thomas Jäger/Jürgen Wilzewski (ed.), (Sonderheft der Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (ZfAS) – Springer: Berlin), 2016.
  • Kalter Krieg: Eine Neubeurteilung, (marixverlag: Wiesbaden), erscheint 2016.
  • Militärische Intervention, Europäische Sicherheit, Schutzverantwortung (Military Intervention, European Security, Responsibility to Protect), Heinz Gärtner/Hannes Swoboda (ed.), 2016.
  • Democracy, Peace, and Security, Heinz Gärtner & Jan Willem Honig & Hakan Akbulut (ed.), (Lexington/Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, Maryland), 2015.
  • Die USA und die neue Welt (The USA and the New World), (lit-Verlag: Münster), 2014.
  • Der amerikanische Präsident und die neue Welt (Lit-Verlag: Münster, 2012)
  • Obama And The Bomb: The Vision Of A World Free Of Nuclear Weapons (ed.), (Peter Lang publisher: Frankfurt-New York- Vienna 2011)
  • Obama: Weltmacht – auf neuen Wegen, (Lit-Verlag: Münster, 2010 - dritte überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage, erste Auflage, 2008)
  • Internationale Sicherheit - Definitionen von A-Z, (Nomos: Baden-Baden, 2008 - zweite überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage - erste Auflage, 2005)
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  • Small States and Alliances, Gärtner, Heinz/Reiter, Erich (ed.), (Springer: Berlin), 2001.
  • Europe’s New Security Challenges, Gärtner, Heinz/Hyde-Price, Adrian/Reiter, Erich (ed.), (Lynne Rinner: Boulder/London), 2001.

 Ausgewählte wissenschaftliche Artikel

  • „Engaged Neutrality - Austria, Andrew Cottey (ed.), The European Neutrals and NATO: Non-alignment, Partnership, Membership? (Palgrave-Macmillan: London), 2016.
  • „Der Iran und die USA“, Das Vermächtnis Obama, Heinz Gärtner/Thomas Jäger/Jürgen Wilzewski (ed.), (Sonderheft der Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (ZfAS) – Springer: Berlin), 2016.
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Ausgewählte Arbeitspapiere und Projekte

  • „Besuch bei iranischen Think Tanks“, Policy Paper 1/ 2015, Jänner 2015.
  • „Erfahrungen mit Autokratien: Fallstudie Österreich”, Dezember 2014.
  • „Global Strategy”, Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip),Contribution  European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), High-Level-Projekt Towards a New European Global Strategy, August 2014.
  • Austrian contribution to the TEPSA-Paper (together with Jan Pospisil) „The 2014 EP election campaign in the member states: national debates, European elections”, 2 June 2014.
  • „Ein neuer Kalter Krieg? Die Ukraine und die Folgen“, Arbeitspapier, May, 2014.
  • „Die österreichische Sicherheitsstrategie (ÖSS) im globalen Kontext“, Arbeitspapier für die Publikation in „International“ 6/2013.
  • „North Korea, Deterrence and Engagement”, Keynote-Speech at the joint Workshop of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI) “Dealing with North Korea and its Nuclear Threat- from international and regional perspectives” in Jeju, Republic of Korea, from October 29-31, 2013.
  • Research Evaluation at departmental level, Department of Political Science, for the Austrian Institute for Internationsal Affairs (oiip), March and August, 2013.
  • Gutachten für das eingereichte Dissertationsprojekt zum Thema „Warum weichen Staaten in der Umsetzung von UNO-Friedenseinsätzen von den vorab angekündigten politischen Zielen bezüglich Menschenrechte ab?“ für die Zuerkennung der Stipendien Fachgutachten. Aust, 2013.
  • Disarmament, Arms Control, and Deterrence, paper presentation on „arms control in Europe”, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Forum for Security Co-operation, May 22, 2013.
  • Where is Europe? Paper presented at the ISA Convention, Budapest, 26-29 June, 2013.
  • Gerechtigkeit und Sicherheit” (policy paper), März, 2013.
  • Die NATO nach dem Gipfel in Chicago 2012, (policy paper), May 2012.
  • Deterrence and Disarmament, (briefing paper), February 2012.
  • Non-Proliferation, Fissile Material Working Group (FMWG) Perspective project, Austrian contribution, November 2011.
  • Umfassende Sicherheit für Österreich: Die österreichische Sicherheitsstrategie (ÖSS) (briefing paper) August 2011.
  • Global Commons, (briefing paper), July 2011.
  • The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and Libya, (briefing paper) July 2011.


Selected Bibliography

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Die Angst Europas vor Trump

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