Revisiting Hiroshima in Iran. What Americans Really Think about Using Nuclear Weapons and Killing Noncombatants

Veranstaltung, Podcasts, Summary 27.11.2017

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Veranstaltung aus der Vortragsreihe Heinz Gärtner - Lectures

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Many scholars and political figures have cited the decline in American public opinion support for the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945 as evidence that there is a widespread "nuclear taboo" or "noncombatant immunity norm."  New survey experiments, however, demonstrate that a large majority of the U.S. public approves of the use of nuclear weapons against Iran today in conditions that resemble the strategic situation the U.S. faced in 1945. These findings highlight the limited extent to which the U.S. public has accepted the principles of just war doctrine and suggest that the public is unlikely to be a serious constraint on any president contemplating the use of nuclear weapons in the crucible of war.

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Begrüßung & Moderation:
Dr. Caspar Einem

Präsident des Österreichischen Instituts für Internationale Politik – oiip


Prof. Dr. Scott D. Sagan

The Caroline S.G. Munro Professor of Political Science
The Peter and Mimi Haas Fellow in Undergraduate Education
Senior Fellow, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC)
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Datum und Uhrzeit:

Montag, 27. November 2017
19.00 Uhr


Aula am Campus der Universtität Wien
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 1 Stiege 11
1090 Wien

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Eine Veranstaltung in Kooperation mit der Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten und dem Institut für Politikwissenschaft der Universität Wien