The Future of EU-Turkey Relations and the Emerging Contours of a Special Partnership

Themen, Günay

Veranstaltung, Summary 12.12.2017

Panel Discussion


EU-Turkey relations have usually been volatile and experienced many ups and downs. Most recently, following a brief period seeing the two parties moving together in an attempt to cope with major refugee movements, relations have considerably deteriorated in the wake of the failed coup d’état in Turkey in July 2016. Today, Turkish membership in the Union no longer seems to constitute a viable option (if it ever did) with the two players repeatedly visiting the idea of aborting accession negotiations, though ultimately shying away from unilaterally pushing the eject button. At the same time, with the Customs Union set for reform, high-level dialogue being held on issues ranging from economy to energy security, and cooperation within the framework of the refugee deal continuing, some sort of a special relationship seems to be taking shape. This event will highlight the contours of this emerging special partnership and discuss as to how EU-Turkish relations might evolve in the coming years.

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Meltem Müftüler-Baç
, Sabancı University, Istanbul
Cengiz Günay, oiip
Hakan Akbulut
, oiip

Date & Time
12 December 2017, 5 pm

Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip)
Berggasse 7, 1090 Vienna


In cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and Sports.