Anna-Maria Hirschhuber

Portrait: Anna-Maria Hirschhuber

Anna-Maria Hirschhuber has been studying Political science and Journalism and Communication in her Bachelor’s degree since September 2020 at the University of Vienna. She focuses mainly on international politics, political theory, Social Media and new forms of Journalism. Her interest in political topics, in connection with (new) media lead to various journalistic internships f.e. at the diplomatic magazine SOCIETY, the democracy magazine ResPublica, the Tyrolean Daily Newspaper, Chapter Magazine and many more. She also volunteered at Amnesty International Austria – where she wrote blog posts and articles but also created audio formats. She will try to apply her approach – to make complicated things easily understandable and explainable – also in her internship, starting in March 2022. Anna-Maria will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience in the topics of security studies, extremism, terrorism, re-integration and disengagement in the course of her internship.