Anna-Maria Hirschhuber

Anna-Maria Hirschhuber has been studying Political Science and Journalism and Communication Science at the University of Vienna since September 2020. Her main topics are international politics, gender and politics, social media and new forms of journalism. Her interest in new media in connection with political topics led her to do journalistic internships at various different media houses like ORF, the democracy magazine ResPublica, the Tiroler Tageszeitung, Chapter Magazin and other media. She is also involved in the podcast "Schwarz auf Gelb – Menschenrechte auf der Gelben Couch" from Amnesty International Austria and is the “youth-member” of the Austrian presidium of the internationally operating NGO. She tries to take her approach – to express and explain complicated things as simply as possible – into her work as a student assistant starting December 2022. She is currently writing her bachelor thesis in political science on the topic of “reintegration and rehabilitation practices for extremist and terrorist offenders in Austria”.

Anna-Maria will especially work on the projects EUTEx and PARTES with Dr. Daniela Pisoiu and deepen her experience and knowledge in different areas of security policy, extremism, terrorism, re-integration and disengagement.