Caroline Ayşe Sarıçiftçi

Portrait: Caroline Ayşe  Sarıçiftçi

Caroline Ayşe Sarıçiftçi completed her bachelor’s degree in Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna last fall. During her studies she focused on the languages English and French and the socioeconomic as well as political situations in French- and English-speaking countries. During her bachelor’s degree, she started teaching Text- and Discourse Analysis at the Center for Translation Studies, which she continues to do until today. In order to pursue her passion for languages and international politics, she began studying the master’s degrees of International Development and Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna after her graduation. In Applied Linguistics, she concentrates mainly on sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, i.e. the interaction between language and society. In International Development, she focuses on the economic, historical, and political aspects of international development, with a particular focus on the MENA-region. From September 2021 onwards, a traineeship at the oiip will give her the opportunity to conduct research focusing on the MENA region, allowing her to deepen her knowledge in this field.