Reality Check: Why the EU Needs to Rethink its Neighbourhood Policy


Publikationen - Artikel & Kommentare 05.09.2016

Article by Cengiz Günay in EuroMeSCo Paper 29


EuroMesco series: 29 PAPERSIEMed.
Publication and coordination: European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed.)
September 2016

This paper suggests a reality check as the starting point for the recalibration of the EU’s policies towards its southern neighbourhood. It mainly focuses on the effects of neoliberal reforms on the state as well as civic order in the Middle East. It argues that neoliberal policies under authoritarianism have involved neither democratisation nor the diversification of economic powers. It highlights that the societal, political and economic structures developed under neoliberal authoritarian regimes are still enduring and should be included in any assessment of dynamics and mechanisms at work. The paper refers to developments in the broader region of the Middle East, but mainly draws on the examples of Tunisia and Egypt; both core countries of the Arab Spring, albeit with differing developments. Based on the idea that any “effective” policy – one that produces the intended result – needs to leave normative conceptions behind and consider societal developments, it argues for the fundamental revision of EU policies towards the region and attempts to develop recommendations

Download the EuroMeSCo Paper 29 here.

This series of Papers brings together the result of research projects presented at the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2015. This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union.