ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco, 2018
SA56: The Rise of Neo-Authoritarian Governmentality?

Saturday, April 7, 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM

Union Square 24, Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Sponsored By:

- Austrian Institute for International Affairs
- International Studies Association


- Chair: Heinz Gaertner (University of Vienna/International Institute for Peace (IIP)
- Participant: Cengiz Gunay (Austrian Institute for International Affairs - oiip)
- Participant: Nora E. Fisher Onar (Coastal Carolina University)
- Participant: Saskia Stachowitsch (University of Vienna/oiip)
- Participant: Thomas Ambrosio (North Dakota State University)
- Participant: Jan Pospisil (ASPR Vienna)

A globally sensible “democratic roll-back” (Diamond 2008), characterized by a general decrease in the belief in democracy and the erosion of democratic principles, institutions and procedures highlights that liberal democracy is neither necessarily the endpoint of a linear line of development nor the only possible outcome of a transition process. Instead, a growing number of grey zone regimes situated somewhere between dictatorship and liberal democracy (Carothers 2002) emerged. Differing in their ideological orientations, economic policies as well as the degree of authoritarianism, they share at least – the formal maintenance of democratic institutions and processes, which are however undermined by an authoritarian logic of governing. The roundtable discusses the questions whether these are indeed new forms of authoritarianism, what are the mechanisms, techniques and rationalities of governing employed (Dean 2010, Bröckling et al. 2010) and where are the spaces of contestation.

Keywords:  Democracy; Governance; Neoliberalism; Authoritarianism