The end of the idea of liberal Islamism?


Veranstaltung 08.11.2018

Talk with Prof. Jenny White


From the mid-1990s on Islamist movements as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan, Ennahda in Tunisia as well as Turkey’s Milli Görüş Movement gradually moved to the political centre. Comparable with the transformations social democrat movements underwent, liberal Islamist advocated for less ideological and more pragmatic approaches. They did not abandon Islam, but they rather adapted their ideologies, political methods and rhetoric to a hegemonic global liberal order. Turkey’s AKP, which came into power in 2002, was a spearhead of liberal Islamism and the implementation of democratic reforms during its first term (2002-2007) were considered as proves of the compatibility of Islamism, democracy and neoliberal globalization. More than 15 years later the picture doesn’t seem so bright. The AKP has left the path towards liberal democracy and mainstream Islamists in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and elsewhere are under pressure from more radical and more ideological movements. How does the decline of a liberal world order affect Islamist movements? Will they give way to more radical exponents of Islamism? What does it mean for the political future of the region and its stability?

Prof. Jenny White
SUITS, University of Stockholm

in talk with

Cengiz Gunay
Austrian Institute for International Affairs / Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow at SAIS Johns Hopkins University


Date & Time:
8 November 2018
, 5.30 pm – 7 pm


Berggasse 7, 1090 Vienna

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