Riccardo Casiraghi, MA

Portrait: Riccardo Casiraghi

Riccardo Casiraghi is an Italian student currently pursuing a Master’s degree in European and International Studies at the School of International Studies of Trento, Italy. His main interests are rooted in different areas, but especially on Human Rights law, development economics and regional politics, especially in Eastern Europe and most importantly Central Asia, which is the focus of his Master’s dissertation. Before starting his Master’s Degree, he studied Political Science at the University of Milan, where he graduated in 2020. During his Studies he has had the opportunity to do a lot of experiences, as he did two Erasmus at the SciencesPo Institute in Lille and at the University of Luxembourg and he also did an online internship at the Italian embassy in Chisinau, (Republic of Moldova) where he mainly analysed the relationship between Moldova with the European Union, Russia and Ukraine in the framework of the current conflict.