Dr.in Yuliia Kurnyshova
Visiting Fellow

Yuliia Kurnyshova is a visiting short-term Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the oiip. Her current research project is funded by the Austrian Academy of Science and explores the applying of analogical reasoning approach to the newest narratives engendered by the Russian war against Ukraine. She graduated from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, where she obtained Masters Diploma in History and Journalism. In 2004 she defended theoretical thesis on U.S. Foreign Policy during the Berlin Crisis 1958-1963. Yuliia Kurnyshova has been working for National Institute for Strategic Studies (Kyiv) and Institute for Social and Economic Research as a foreign policy analyst. Her most recent affiliation was with Institute of International Relations (Kyiv). Apart from her academic work, she has been engaged in different international and Ukrainian activities directed at implementation of reforms in Ukraine. With the start of Russian invasion in Ukraine in February 2022, she had to flee Ukraine.