Cres Summer School 2023

Cres Summer School 2023

CRES SUMMER SCHOOL  “Next Generation Europe”

Cres, 17 – 22 September 2023

Regaining new European and democratic momentum

The oiip, as part of the WB2EU network, was co-organizer of the Cres Summer School September 17-22 on the topic “The future of Europe: EU enlargement and neighbourhood strategy in search for new political answers”

Aims of the “Cres Summer School”:

The aim was to support a new generation of young European experts, scholars, activists and engaged citizens in their work for a new Europe and new European togetherness. The interaction provided – especially the young researchers and activists – with knowledge, experience and skills relevant for their professional futures and for the future of Europe. Researchers and activists, starting from those that participated in the first edition of the Summer School in Cres in September 2022, organised in the framework of the “WB2EU project”,  formed a vibrant new network of enthusiastic young people and leaders able to meet political challenges, deepen the dialogue with decision-makers and thus to contribute to regaining a new European and democratic momentum.

The “Cres Summer School” leads to

  1. an increased understanding of Europeanisation and democratic developments among young researchers and activists,
  2. new ties and networks between researchers, civic activists and politicians,
  3. new ways of influencing public debates through qualified and evidence based and yet politically engaged activities.

Senior external experts/politicians/researchers engaged with the “Cres Summer School” included:

Rector of the University of Rijeka, Snježana Prijić-Samaržija, Executive Director, of the Center of Advanced Studies Southeastern Europe (CAS SEE) at the University of Rijeka, Sanja Milutinović Bojanić, professor of political sciences at the University of Zagreb, Dejan Jović, professor of Southeast European Studies at the University in Graz, Florian Bieber, Member of the European Parliament, Tonino Picula, Senior Adviser to the Royal Elcano Institute Ignacio Molina, professor at the Sciences Po Center for European Studies, Virginie Guiraudon.