Bosnian Studies – How to understand Bosnia and Herzegovina beyond Political Crisis

Bosnian Studies – How to understand Bosnia and Herzegovina beyond Political Crisis

18:00 - 19:30

Währinger Strasse 3/12, 1090 Wien

Bosnia and Herzegovina nowadays seems to be a country caught in a vicious circle between ethnopolitics, political crisis, and socioeconomical hardship including massive emigration as one of its most visible effects. Yet, focusing only on crisis omits alternative and new readings and interpretations of Bosnia. How does Bosnian Studies help us to situate understanding on the socio-political reality of Bosnia and Herzegovina today? How does it help us to better understand its diaspora populations globally and in Austria specifically? These and related questions have been tackled in the book Bosnian Studies: Perspectives from an Emerging Field, recently published with University of Missouri Press. The panel will focus on how interdisciplinary perspectives and debates, driven in large part by Bosnian diaspora scholars, have and will continue to shape, situate, and position discussions and scholarly inquiry about Bosnia and Herzegovina as a case study. It will offer a fresh look at broader questions related to genocide, migration, and post-war societies and explore alternative views on the present situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Introduction and Moderation:
Vedran Džhić
Senior Researcher, oiip

Dženeta Karabegović
Editor and Contributor, University of Salzburg

Mišo Kapetanović
Contributor, Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Dennis Miskić
Journalist, Biber Magazin


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