Juggling Threats From All Sides: Germany’s Complex Terrorist Picture

14:00 - 15:30

ICPVTR Webinar Series on Terrorism and Extremism in Europe by Dr Daniela Pisoju and Dr Guido Steinberg

2020 marked the conclusion of another difficult decade for Europe in terms of terrorism and radicalisation. Attacks in France, Germany and Austria in particular showed the dynamic nature of the threat faced from numerous different ideologies, as well as ingrained societal tensions which appear to be feeding different parts of the threat. In order to understand how this threat is going to set the picture for the foreseeable future, ICPVTR is holding a series of events during the year to explore different aspects of the evolving threat picture in Europe. From the extreme right, single-issue extremists, to more traditional violent Islamists or the ever-present residual extreme-left, this series will explore what the European threat picture looks like, how it might evolve in the future and its salience for regional dynamics elsewhere. 


In the second webinar in the series, ICPVTR is delighted to host Dr Daniel Pisoiu and Dr Guido Steinberg to discuss the current threat picture in Germany. As two highly established experts and government advisers, Drs Pisoiu and Steinberg will look at the gamut of issues that Germany faces, from the persistent threat of violent Islamist terrorists to the extreme right wing. Like most other countries, Germany increasingly faces a terrorist threat that is dominated by lone actors, but at the same time, ambition to launch large-scale plots from abroad continues – most recently in a case involving a network of Tajiks connected to ISIS in Afghanistan and Syria. And on the extreme right, the problems in Germany have deep historical roots, and are creating a wide range of problems within the mainstream political spectrum as well as amongst security forces where numerous scandals have been uncovered recently involving security officers with open extreme right tendencies. Our speakers from Europe will draw on their deep experience to sketch out the current state of the threat, as well as how authorities in Germany have responded and what the long-term thinking is about how to manage these threats and what direction they expect them to go in.

Dr Daniela Pisoiu

Dr Guido Steinberg
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) in Berlin