Living in a à la carte world – New global rifts and cleavages between democracies and autocracies

Living in a à la carte world – New global rifts and cleavages between democracies and autocracies

17:00 - 18:30

Währinger Strasse 3/12, 1090 Wien

Written summary of the panel discussion

We live in turbulent times of war and global turmoil. The recent outbreak of the war in Gaza and the continuous Russian aggression against Ukraine change the world in an unprecedented manner. We observe a gradual demise of the liberal and rule-based world order, witness dramatic changes to multilateral institutions and new forms of multialignments. One distinctive feature of this new global (dis)order emerges from the growing number of autocracies and competitive authoritarian regimes, which openly challenge Western type democracy. Today most of the global population lives in hybrid regimes which combine democratic features with authoritarian governance practices.

While leaders in Europe and the US often frame the current situation as an ideological rivalry between democracies and autocracies, recent major opinion poll by ECFR suggests that we have entered an à la carte world in which many countries mix and match their partners on different issues transactionally, rather than sticking to a strict allegiance to one side or the other. How does à la carte transnationalism affect the liberal world order and multilateralism? Which lessons should the West draw against the background of ongoing war in Ukraine and Gaza? Which implications does it have for European foreign security policy but also to Enlargement and EU’s neighborhood policy? What is awaiting the transatlantic partners in 2024 given the elections for the EU parliament in June 2024 and US presidential elections?

Johanna Lutz
Director, FES Regional Office for International Cooperation

Leatitia Spetschinsky
Baillet Latour Chair on EU-Russia relations, UCLouvain and oiip

Cengiz Günay
Director, oiip

Vedran Dzihic
Senior Researcher, oiip

Thomas Eder
Post-Doc Reseacher, oiip

In cooperation with the Ministry of Defense bmlv.


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