The Externalization of EU Border Security

The Externalization of EU Border Security

9:00 - 16:30

Summary of the Workshop (German)

Workshop at the oiip

Conceptualizations of Externalization and the Institutional Framework:
Border externalization between state-centrism and Euro-centrism. Conceptual challenges (Paolo Cuttitta, Université 13 Paris)
Frontex and fundamental rights protection ten years after: Much ado about nothing? (Chiara Loschi, Peter Slominski, Centre for European Integration Research, University of Vienna)

Externalization in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans:
The EU’s readmission policy in the neighbourhood: a comparative view on the Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe (Florian Trauner, Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Externalization of border security in the Western Balkans: Consequences for the EU’s credibility (Vedran Dzihic, oiip)

Externalization in the MENA Region:
EU-Algeria (non)Cooperation on Migration: A Tale of two Fortresses (Federica Zardo, Chiara Loschi, Centre for European Integration Research, University of Vienna)
Migrants and refugees as a bargaining chip? (Cengiz Günay, oiip)
EU’s migration policies towards Morocco and Egypt – between a lack of local ownership and the promotion of authoritarian rule (Sherin Gharib, oiip)

Political Implications and Power Shifts through Externalization:
A step towards better drafting and implementing disembarkation platforms: The benefits of engaging host communities (Margarita Fourer, Centre for e-Governance, Danube University Krems)
Externalization through privatization? How private security actors contribute to the diffusion of Europe’s borders (Clemens Binder, oiip)