Exiting the Cold War, Entering a New World

Exiting the Cold War, Entering a New World

Exiting the Cold War, Entering a New World

edited by Daniel S. Hamilton and Kristina Spohr

This book explores how and why the dangerous yet seemingly durable and stable world order forged during the Cold War collapsed in 1989, and how a new order was improvised out of its ruins. It is an unusual blend of memoir and scholarship that takes us back to the years when the East-West conflict came to a sudden end and a new world was born.

In this book, senior officials and opinion leaders from the United States, Russia, Western and Eastern Europe who were directly involved in the decisions of that time describe their considerations, concerns, and pressures. They are joined by scholars who have been able to draw on newly declassified archival sources to revisit this challenging period.

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Authors include:

Anatoly Adamishin Liviu Horovitz Pavel Palazhchenko
John-Michael Arnold Stephan Kieninger Condoleezza Rice
Joachim Bitterlich Mart Laar Thomas W. Simons, Jr.
Rodric Braithwaite Roderic Lyne Kristina Spohr
David C. Gompert Markus Meckel Horst Teltschik
Cengiz Günay Wencke Meteling Philip Zelikow
Daniel S. Hamilton Adam Michnik
Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson Janusz Onyszkiewicz