Mission Statement of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs - oiip

Mission Statement of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs - oiip

Mission Statement of the oiip



The Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip) is an independent research institute that was founded in 1979 and has been committed to research in the field of international politics ever since. It is Austria’s leading research institute on international politics and is situated at the juncture between academic and policy-oriented research. Aside from academic research and publishing at the international level,  the institute’s staff are also engaged in teaching, policy consultancy and raising public awareness on a variety of important issues.



We take practical, independent and courageous socio-political positions and develop solution-based approaches which we offer to national and European representatives of politics, administration, the economy, and society. We constitute a meeting point and a venue for critical thinking and international and interdisciplinary debates, exchanges and second track diplomacy. As such, the Institute’s work contributes to Austria’s internationalisation.



We work to advance an informed and unbiased view of world politics and we are committed to intercultural dialogue and exchange. Diversity and gender equity are our core assets, which we work to promote. The institute is also committed to the best possible career development of its staff members. Both internally and externally, we seek to embody the interrelated concepts of respect, open communication and transparency.

What we do…

Research and Analysis

We follow international developments at different political and societal levels and we are committed to field research.  Our research activities are in line with international academic standards and quality criteria. We produce studies, academic articles, working papers, policy analyses and policy briefs with specific recommendations for decision makers and our goal is to make our expertise accessible to a broad spectrum of users.


Our experts teach at different universities. We provide a platform for international experts, fellows and students. We train students and young academics and support their careers.

Consultancy and Networks


Based on our research, we offer consultancy and tailored briefings for decision-makers in government institutions, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector. National and international media outlets frequently consult our expertise. Additionally, we are a part of, and draw from, a large number of international research networks.


We design, organize, moderate and document, conferences, panel discussions, round tables, and workshops, as well as innovative and outcome-oriented participatory formals, such as stakeholder fora or incubator rooms.