Sophie Reichelt, BA

Portrait: Sophie Reichelt

Sophie Reichelt has been studying International Development in her master’s degree since October 2020 at the University of Vienna. At the beginning, her interests laid in a variety of subject areas – from social science topics about Latin America and climate-related topics to conflicts and memory cultures in Southeast Asia. Now she put her focus on political topics in the field of peace and conflict studies and migration issues. Regionally, she is particularly interested in MENA states, as well as in countries of the Western Balkans.

Before, Sophie studied International Economics and Business Administration at the University of Innsbruck and at the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid with a focus on marketing and global economic history. Prior to her master’s degree, Sophie worked as a Project Manager creating and implementing live marketing events.

During this internship, she will have the opportunity to research on the relations between the EU and its immediate neighborhood: Turkey, the Balkans and the MENA countries. Furthermore, she aims to support the oiip in the implementation of diverse event formats.